Welcome to OFTA

An independent, non-profit making organisation

OFTA is the representative body for financial brokers who provide their clients with investment products and services offered by the major investment institutions from the world’s main offshore financial centres.

Our members around the world

are usually based in the same countries as the local, expatriate international communities they serve.

To become a member of OFTA

financial brokers are rigorously assessed using financial services best practice systems to UK standards and must satisfy the highest professional standards in the conduct of their business.

Each member carries a photo ID card to show to clients. You may check with OFTA for an independent reference.

Members carry leaflets about OFTA which explains

members' obligations to clients, the disputes resolution service, and gives contact details for OFTA and the Ombudsman.

The buttons on the left of your screen will take you to

  • The Code of Conduct that all financial brokers, members of OFTA must comply with

  • A link to contact OFTA on any matter.

  • We will deal with your enquiry promptly, provide information about members in your area, and provide help and advice. We can only provide general advice about investments and related matters.